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(215) 3-DJ-Dance or (215) 335-3262


(215) 3-DJ-Dance or (215) 335-3262

(215) 3-DJ-Dance or (215) 335-3262


This page is just a small sample of songs in our extensive library of digital music. The link at the bottom of the page will take you to a web page to give you ideas for popular choices of songs for various dances. It will also allow you to listen (sample) music. Click on the music notes next to the song you would like to sample. Make sure you go to the bottom of the page for the list of songs. This link is also a great guide to help you plan your event.

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1940's - Big Band Hits

1950's - Golden Oldies

1960's - Motown, Classic Rock

1970's - Disco Dance Classics

1980's - Old School, Club, Dance Floor Favorites &
   Post Modern Hits

1990's - Techno, R&B, Dance, Modern Rock

2000 & Beyond - Today's Hottest Sounds

We also carry Love Ballads, Sing Along Favorites,
   Ethnic, Country, Summer Sounds and Many More.

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